Some of the companies/organisations for which we have worked include the following:


Projects/Clients have so far included, among others

Instructions - Sony
User manual – Adhoco
Press releases - various
Software Training - Archos
Trade Fair announcements - Dupont
Instructions for safety equipment - 3M
Contracts – Amdocs, E-Plus/Vodafone
User manuals and safety notices - Scheppach
Marketing report - published as a book in Germany
Requests for proposal - BMW, VW, Daimler/Mercedes etc
User manuals for various Sienna/Capris lasers - Spectrum Technologies
User manuals, instructions, general information - IT Access Management
Websites - Loacker, AHEC, Bürkle,, Reed Exhibitions-Photex
Business documentations/Processes/Reports - Siemens, Deutsche Telekom etc

...and many more.