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"Julie Ciesielski has completed a number of high-quality translations for us. The translations were completed quickly and efficiently.  I would recommend her services to prospective clients."

Dr Anthony Monks, Director Translate (GB) Ltd.

"I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the work - I think we worked well together. By the way I asked the OWM what they thought of your translation. They said it was very good … Obviously I cannot comment but I thought you were very nice and efficient, as your company names suggests."

Professor Jonathan M Lace
Advertising Research Consortium Ltd

"Julie has worked for us on several occasions both as a translator and proofreader. With fast turnaround times and a high quality of translation work, she is a pleasure to work with and is always very reliable."

Lizzie Copp
Project Coordinator
TJC Global Ltd

"Julie has undertaken both translation and review/edit work for my company during the last two years. We have always found her to be readily available, accurate in her work and delivery is ahead of deadline. Julie is highly professional, with good communication skills and an enthusiastic approach to work."

Susan Geraldine Luckhurst
General Manager
Manor Translation

"Professional and reliable outsourcer. The exact use of TM Tools in this project and the timely delivery of translation has helped me a lot in achieving my requirements and business objectives."

Stefano Costantino
DCC International SAGL

"Julie has been working on a wide range of translations with many different topics. She adapts well to any job given and exceeds our expectations. She delivers quality work and all clients are very pleased with the translations delivered so far.I would recommend her services and am very pleased with her professionalism."

Sarah Grange
Relationship Manager
Kwintessential Ltd

Julie is a very professional person to work with. Julie is an excellent translator: efficient turnaround, accurate work and great communication at all times. She is very friendly to speak to, always happy to help you if you have any questions or queries. Julie offers good quality work and is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."

Emma Tidey
Project Manager
Kwintessential Ltd